Homestyle Sweet and Spiced Pancakes

Here's one of my favorite pancake recipes... simple and delicious, with some added spice and sweetness!

Homestyle Sweet and Spiced Pancakes 
By Chef Eduardo Garcia

Serves 6


2 Cups -  All Purpose flour

2 teaspoons - Baking powder

1 teaspoon - Baking soda

1 tablespoon - Montana Mex Sweet Seasoning

2 cups - Milk

3 - Large eggs

¼ cup - Montana Mex Avocado Oil

2 tablespoons - White Vinegar

3 tablespoons - Montana Mex Avocado Oil (for griddle)

Optional - handful of blueberries!



Place the dry ingredients in a large bowl and mix together.  

In a separate medium bowl whisk milk, eggs and avocado oil. Add the vinegar and whisk to combine the wet and dry ingredients. The batter should be lumpy.  

Heat a cast iron griddle or non-stick pan over med/hi heat.

Drizzle Avocado oil onto hot pan and using the back of a spatula distribute across entire surface of pan.

Now the fun part! Spoon dollops of batter to your liking onto the griddle. Flip as soon as little holes begin to appear on the uncooked pancake surface.  If you're adding the blueberries now is the time!  Place them in the uncooked batter before flipping your pancakes.

 Cook until golden brown on the second side. Remove to platter plates. 

Serve with your favorite accompaniments to pancakes and don’t forget to sprinkle your butter, whipped cream, ice cream or naked pancake with a touch more Montana Mex sweet seasoning for extra Magic!  Enjoy!

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