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About Montana Mex

We're Montana Mex.

We make products that help you find your best self in the kitchen, because we believe that sharing a meal has the power to bring people together.

Delicious meals aren't just made by chefs, but by people who dare to play as they cook and share that joy with others.

This is what inspired our co-founder, Chef Eduardo Garcia, to start a business crafting his own small-batch salsas back in 2008. Few products in stores felt like they were empowering the home cook to experiment in the kitchen. So, with the help of a small-but-tenacious team, Montana Mex was born.

We've grown a lot since that first farmer's market stall in Bozeman, Montana. You can now find our signature line of sauces, seasonings, and avocado oil nationwide; all chock-full of ingredients you'd be proud to cook with in your own kitchen.


Founders Note:

Cooking found me early in life: I cut my teeth at the age of fifteen hustling over hot pans, flipping burgers, and throwing pizzas. I was fearless in my pursuit of flavor. Shortly after culinary school, I moved from the kitchen to the galley, spending the next decade as a yacht chef hunting down exceptional food experiences abroad.

As I began inviting others to cook alongside me, I witnessed the pure joy that creating a meal together could provide. A light bulb went off.

A meal, I realized, is more than what we eat. It’s a tool for building culture and sustaining community, and the most memorable are those meals you took the time to prepare yourself.

With the help of a few exceptionally committed individuals, I co-founded Montana Mex. It is my pleasure to share with you our Mexican-inspired products, jam-packed with flavor and integrity.

I hope they empower you to cook just a little more fearlessly.


– Eduardo

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