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Grilled Shrimp Adobada

Grilled Shrimp Adobada

The essence of this dish is bold, simple, messy, off-the-coals shrimp that are finger licking good. Instinctually, you will want to eat the heads, shells, tails and everything in between. Notes of interest: at its simplest, the word “adobo” simply comes from the verb “adovar” which means “to marinate.” Originally this word was used to describe a pickling sauce that was made of olives, vinegar, and spices in Spain. Mexican adobo, like Spanish adobo, is often used as a marinade for meat and seafood. A protein marinated in adobo is referred to as adobada. Adobo can be thinned out with broth to make a sauce, turned into the base of a stew, or used as a condiment. 
As seen on Big Sky Kitchen Season 2, Episode 5 | Small Bites. Stream on Max and @discoveryplus! @StreamOnMax #MagnoliaNetwork.
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