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We’re cooking up some big changes at Montana Mex.

Including...New Product Packaging!

But in order to make way for the new, we have to sell through the current stock. 
That means some of your favorite products will be MIA for a bit,
while they get a fresh new look.

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 in the meantime...

We're serving up some very fresh limited offerings.

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When we started Montana Mex, we wanted to connect and empower people through good food. And boy, did we.

What started as yummy small batch salsas at a humble farmers market booth grew to a nationally distributed line of signature seasonings, sauces, and oils beloved by home cooks in kitchens across the country.

Through that growth we proudly maintained our commitment to quality, sustainability, and community.

But…something was missing.

By distributing through big box grocery stores, we found we were missing the link between us and the folks using our products in their kitchens. So we made the switch to selling primarily Direct to Consumer through our website.

And, that worked. For a while.

But we quickly found that sending glass bottles of premium ketchup one or 3 at a time, directly to your door can be cost prohibitive to ship.

And we found that holding and maintaining huge amounts of inventory with an expiration date hoping to sell through it all before it became obsolete was, frankly, not ideal.

And while we were connecting more with our community than we had been previously, we still longed for the level of connection that comes from standing eye to eye with someone while handing them foods for their table, talking about what they’d make and who would be there. From showing groups of school kids how to grow a tomato. From sharing stories and a meal with new friends around a fire.

We were missing sharing the experience of food.

So, we’ve been dreaming, and planning, and preparing for change. We don’t quite know what this new vision will look like just yet, but here’s what we do know:

          + It will be collaborative, interactive, and celebratory.
          + It will be an invitation from us to you to be a part of each other’s stories.
          + It will be a genuine, sustainable way for us to continue to bring good food directly to your

Part of this shift involves thinking deeply about our current product line - about what feels authentic and sustainable, and what needs to change. In order to move forward we must let go of the past, and that means moving away from branding and packaging materials that no longer align with our business. While we undergo this transition, we will not be ordering any more inventory. Instead we’ll be selling through our current stock of products, and then reimagining what we have to offer.

Some products will come back with a brand new look. Some products will be gone forever, making way for new good things.

If you have favorite products you don’t want to be without, we recommend STOCKING UP!

From the beginning, we’ve believed that food should be part of the adventure - part of the story. Food is rooted in the stories of the people who create it, but also in the stories of the people who experience it.

Thank you for being part of our story.

Get ready for the next chapter…


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