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BBQ Sauce Delay - July 2019


Due to high demand, we are currently out of our BBQ sauce at our online store. You are still able to place an order that has BBQ sauce in it (such as our All The Goodies Pack and our Trio of Sauces pack); however, we will be unable to send your order out until the beginning of August. We are working our hardest to shorten that gap and get the deliciousness in your hands sooner. 

*Note: All The Goodies Boxes are exempt from this and will still ship out immediately as long as there are no other items with BBQ sauce in your order (For example, if you order an All The Goodies Box and a Trio of Sauces, your order will still be delayed because of the Trio of Sauces). 

If you have already placed an order with us and still have not received it, it is more than likely because of this BBQ sauce delay. You will automatically receive an email with a tracking number as soon as your order is shipped.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at 


Thank you all for your love and support for our little food brand, and we appreciate your patience with us.


❤️ - The Montana Mex Crew

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