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Lobster Aguachille

Lobster Aguachille

I could write a book on the heartfelt virtues of grilled lobster in my family. My dad was the 3rd generation of Lobster fisherman in our family. My first memory eating lobster was out with Dad and the fisherman while pulling lobster traps in the mangrove estuary l they called home. The lobster was simply grilled and unforgettable.

Today at home in Mexico, lobster appears in myriad ways in our families cuisine. In this riff I combine my memory of smokey and sweet grilled lobster with a bright fresh salsa and my dads black beans.

All wrapped up in a warm tortilla, these lobster tacos are sure to bring smiles and joy with each bite. Buen provecho!

As seen on Big Sky Kitchen Season 2, Episode 3 | Mexican Street Food. Stream on Max and @discoveryplus! @StreamOnMax #MagnoliaNetwork.
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