Welcome to our online store
(fancy, we know) 

here you can find our gourmet sea salts to purchase individually or as a super seasoning trio!

we also have some hats and tshirts if you fancy being spotted wearing our slogans and logos - be warned though, the paparazzi are never far behind...

our salsa and hot sauce can only be found in stores as they’re all fresh and have to be kept chilled... brrrrr... click here to find your nearest stockist!
if you fancy ordering a chilled truck worth though... give us a call

click 'see my full info' to learn the nitty gritty details and check out the salt seasonings in video stardom... or if you’re a regular go straight with 'add to basket' to get this going...

we always aim to ship your goodies as soon as possible - be sure to leave a note at checkout with any special instructions! you will be enjoying your goodies in no time!