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Goodies Boxes

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NEW! The Goodies Box now comes in TWO varieties! 
Get your goodies with a bottle of Avocado Oil OR an Owl Tea Towel!

A Montana Mex Line Up!

This all-star line up will have you and your friends taking culinary creations to the next level! You're going to be a sauce boss, seasoning superhero and healthy cooking oil master.


Choose Your Montana Mex Line Up!

Give the gift of flavor with our tasty GIFT BOX!

Montana Mex Attributes

Now to the tasty stuff... do you have a foodie in your life? Check out this All the Goodies GIFT BOX!  It's a fantastic gift for anyone who loves food, they get all of our tasty products wrapped up in a fully branded and informative gift box...

This all star line up will have you and your friends taking culinary creations to the next level... you're going to be a sauce boss, seasoning superhero and healthy cooking oil master.


Delicious Descriptions

THE KETCHUP - you've seen it all before right? but just like dating, when it really gets down to it, what matters is on the inside... once you pop the top off our ketchup you will find a toe tapping, foot stomping kind of deliciousness...

THE BBQ -  our BBQ sauce is tall, dark and handsome, too good to be true? well today's your lucky day... so give us one chance - think of a familiar smokey BBQ base but take it somewhere new with a pineapple chipotle combo and just enough kick to make a punching bag jealous... it'll be your co-pilot to delicious town - fallen for it yet?

THE HABANERO - relax and pat yourself on the back, good job, you've found your go to sweet and spicy sauce - it's the beast that will keep you smiling through breakfast, lunch and dinner! use it just as you would a ketchup on EVERYTHING that touches those lovely lips...

AVOCADO OIL - a high heat extra virgin Avocado Oil that is perfect for all of your cooking needs!

MILD CHILE SEASONING - a delicious all-purpose seasoning made from pure sea salt and a thoughtful mix of four smokey sweet red chiles.

SWEET SEASONING - a delicately balanced salty sweet super seasoning that can be used whenever your food needs a little sweetness!

JALAPEÑO SEASONING - add a serious heat and flavor pop to all your culinary creations with this spicy yet flavorful jalapeño seasoning!

For all of the nutritional info please click HERE :)


What You Get

  • Vibrant gift box with lots of fun info to check out!
  • 8.45 oz. Avocado Oil - 5 lb of avocados pressed into every bottle
  • 2.4 oz. Mild Chile Seasoning 
  • 3.4 oz. Sweet Seasoning 
  • 2.4 oz. Jalapeño Seasoning
  • 13.93 oz. Ketchup Bottle
  • 13.90 oz. Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce Bottle
  • 13.52 oz. Sweet & Spicy Habanero Sauce Bottle


WATCH the video to find out more!




Once your goodies arrive in your kitchen it's time to pop their tops and get creative! For delicious recipe ideas click HERE!



SHARE a photo of how you're using your Montana Mex products on instagram for the chance to win our monthly prize!  Simply share a tasty photo of your Montana Mex inspired food and tag @montanamex!  Then you will be in our draw for the monthly prize!  Good luck and happy eating!

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