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We are delighted to offer USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC KETCHUP PACKETS, SEASONING PACKETS and SEASONING BULK BLEND as our first food service items!

Please reach out to our sales team if you would like to order for food service.

Email - Happy Eating!


Real Food Deserves Real Condiments and that's why we created the first to market USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC KETCHUP PACKET!

If you're serving gourmet foods but offering corn syrup condiments maybe it's time to make a change - check out our single serve, beautifully branded and organic certified ketchup packets to keep everything healthy and your customers happy :) Oh and there's also a convenient UPC BARCODE on the back of each packet.

The Delicious Info: Each packet contains 16g of ketchup, is available in cases of 250 units for $75 a case FOB.


Want to add some color to your condiments bar? Grab these tasty seasoning packets and bring happiness to your customers.

The packets come in 3 flavors - Jalapeno, Sweet and Mild Chile. There is a flavor profile for everyone, making it wonderfully easy to add deliciousness and take food up a notch!

Delicous Info: Each sachet has approximatley 1g of seasoning (Chile 1g, Jalapeno 0.75g and Sweet 1.25g) and are available in cases of 3000 single flavor units for $300 a case FOB.


Fancy adding our seasonings to your ingredients list? We have you covered! Our Chile, Sweet and Jalapeno Seasonings are now available in 50lb Bulk Blends.

Delicious Info: 50lb Jalapeno Seasoning $325 FOB, 50lb Sweet Seasoning $290 FOB, 50lb Chile Seasoning $290 FOB.

Please reach out to our sales team if you would like to order for food service.

Email - Happy Eating!

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