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Indra's Chai Mix

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This bold, flavorful caffeine-free tea mix is packed full of powerful herbs & spices to boost your immune system and lift your spirits. 

We’re calling it Chai, but this blend is an Indra original - drawing inspiration from Respiratory Thyme Tea, Korean Barley Tea, and Masala Chai. Aromatic herbs & spices are slow simmered with dates to bring a deep, smooth, caramel finish resulting in a spicy & sweet flavor that’s full-bodied, rich, and nourishing.   

Coming straight from our kitchen to yours, this small-batch artisan tea is made with love and available for a limited time.

Our little team spent days in the kitchen grinding, weighing, mixing, and drinking in the fragrant ingredients to bring this hand-made expression to you, exclusively on our website. 


How to Enjoy:

Steep a batch of this tea in your crockpot or stovetop for 8 - 12 hours, at a low a simmer. Keep warm & covered until tea is consumed, or strain and refrigerate for 8 - 10 days, bringing to a boil to reheat. 

If you like your tea spicy, add additional ginger by slicing fresh ginger root & throwing straight into your pot. 

Enjoy with your favorite milk & honey. 

** To keep your tea bag in reusable condition, remember to tie the draw-string with a simple cinch loop or slip-knot that will release easily. ** 


Choose from two sizes
Single Batch:
approximately 2 oz dry | makes 8 quarts | 25 servings | $0.99/serving
Four Batch Multi Pack:
approximately 8 oz dry | makes 32 quarts | 100 servings | $0.65/serving


Indra started mixing up this cozy, warming, healing tea for her kids when they were young. Every ingredient was intentionally to battle colds & sooth respiratory infections. 

When the pandemic hit, sending care packages of chai to friends & family across the country became something to do to ease the helplessness and isolation felt by her extended community.

You can't always solve the problem or stop what's happening, but you can always put together something that will nourish people and make them feel good, warm, and loved. 

The gift of food resonates with caring.



Medjool Dates: Soothes the digestive system & balances blood sugar levels, fights muscle weakness & fatigue, reduce inflammation & supports the immune system

Organic Cinnamon: Antioxidant, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Increases circulation, breaks up congestion. 

Organic Thyme: Supports respiratory health, reduces inflammation,  and soothes coughs and chest congestion. 

Organic Echinacea: Immune system support.

Star Anise: Comforting & calming, anti-anxiety.

Organic Tulsi: Calming & anti-stress, supports overall balance & sense of well-being which can be at risk when you’re sick. Energy boosting. Anti-bacterial. 

Organic Orange Peel: Rich in vitamin C and fiber, stimulates the digestive system. 

Organic Cloves: Antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. 

Organic Fennel: Soothing for tissues and the mucus membrane. Soothes sore throat and colic. 

Organic Coriander: Eliminate toxins, anti-inflammatory.

Organic Cardamom: Stimulate immune system & circulation 

Organic Ginger Root: Antibacterial, anti-nausea, clears congestion, aids in digestion. 

Organic Peppercorns: Motivates digestion & boosts absorption of vitamins & minerals. 

Organic Turmeric: Anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant.  

Organic Allspice: Reduces inflammation and settles the stomach. Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial.  

Organic Nutmeg: Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Anti-depressant. Sleep aid. 

Organic Bay Leaves: Good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C that support a healthy immune system. . 

Vanilla Bean: Calming aromatic and stress reducer.

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