Eduardo Garcia - Chef & Co-Founder

Our Chef and co-founder Eduardo Garcia is known as the ‘Emperor of Flavor’ at Montana Mex, meaning that he is the guy who creates all of the flavors in our delicious condiments line! He is also the man behind all of the Montana Mex recipes that are sure to make your home cooking easier, more flavorful and most importantly more enjoyable! Dance your way into the kitchen and start indulging in some seriously tasty bites!  Eduardo has the incredibly awesome job of cooking the nations favorite dishes and then accenting those good dishes into unforgettable bites by pairing them with Montana Mex products.  Eduardo loves his job because he feels that Montana Mex builds and distributes joy disguised as retail food products and sharing that is his ‘jam’.
Eduardo has spent most of his life in the epic state of Montana. After graduating high school he went on to culinary school. He then spent 10 years as a Chef in the uber luxury industry of private yachts cooking for billionaires, rockstars and everyone in between, from here he knew he wanted to move back to Montana, and that is when he co-founded Montana Mex.  Eduardo is, of course, a huge ambassador for Montana Mex, he travels a bunch and constantly shares Montana Mex deliciousness with, everyone he meets, everywhere he goes.
Eduardo is an all round foodie, outdoorsman, athlete and motivational speaker! Alongside Montana Mex Eduardo is also the the subject of ‘Charged’, an award winning feature length documentary about getting back up after traumatic injury.   Eduardo is also the chef behind an outdoor adventure cooking series called ‘Hungry Life’, where he travels to the wild places of the world and creates exceptional food over a campfire.  Hungry Life will be released in August 2018!
To unwind Eduardo spends his time at home in Montana, gathering community. finding wild foods and exploring wild places. He loves to get his heart rate up! He also enjoys the peacefulness of tending to his garden, collecting eggs from his chickens and being constantly entertained by his cat “Bing”.  Overall, Eduardo’s ultimate happy day is being surrounded by others who also value every second of life and cooking, eating, laughing and dreaming.
FAVORITE MM FLAVOR: Eduardo’s has lovingly created all of the Montana Mex tasty products but his favorite is the Jalapeño seasoning!  When we ask him what dish he loves to use it on the most he simply responds, "Everything, that’s a dish right? EVERYTHING!
To find out more visit... chefeduardo.com


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