Simple Sweet Salmon


The day we tried our sweet seasoning on salmon was a good day... and we want to share good things with you :) So, if you fancy joining us on our sweet glazed salmon obsession here's the recipe!  Enjoy!

Simple Sweet Glazed Salmon
By Chef Eduardo Garcia

Serves 6


2 lbs - Center cut Salmon, skin on, cut into 6 oz portions.

½ Cup - Montana Mex Sweet Seasoning

2 Tablespoons - Montana Mex Avocado Oil 


Coat Salmon in Avocado oil then coat all sides of Salmon in Sweet seasoning. 

Heat a cast iron or non-stick skillet over med/hi heat and add Avocado Oil.

Place Salmon Skin side down first and cook for 2 min, flip and cook addition side for 1 min. Remove from pan and hold while additional pieces cook.

Serve over your favorite side.

We recommend our Cauliflower Potato mash or Asparagus in Lemon & Jalapeno dressing!

Asparagus with Lemon, Avocado oil and Jalapeno dressing

By Chef Eduardo Garcia

Serves 6


1 lb Asparagus - cleaned and ends trimmed (cut approx 1.5” from bottom of Asparagus)

¼ Cup - preserved Lemons

½ Cup - Montana Mex extra virgin Avocado Oil

1 Tablespoon - Montana Mex Jalapeño Seasoning


- In a bowl whisk Lemon, Avocado Oil and Jalapeño seasoning, taste and adjust flavor as needed. 

- Steam or Blanch cleaned Asparagus until just cooked approx. 1 min. Remove from heat/water. 

- Add hot Asparagus, toss until dressed, serve Asparagus and spoon remaining dressing over dish.

- If you love spice finish with more Jalapeño seasoning, the more the spicier!


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