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Papi's Red Rice

Papi's Red Rice

For as long as I can remember I’ve watched my dad make this dish of beautifully steamed fluffy rice that always leaves anyone lucky enough to eat it wanting seconds or the recipe…..  I should add that the variations on this theme are endless.  Add shrimp, mushrooms, peas, raisins…..for added adaptations to this dish.


¼ Cup - Montana Mex Avocado Oil

2 Tbsp - Montana Mex Mild Chile seasoning 

1 ½ Cups -  Long Grain White Rice

3 Cups -  Chicken broth, Vegetable broth or water

Half a White Onion, diced

6  - Garlic cloves, sliced

10 sprigs -  Fresh Thyme

½ tsp - Mexican Oregano

½ tsp - Cumin seed


In a shallow pot, not a sauté pan and not a stockpot, over med heat add Montana Mex Avocado Oil, and bring to temperature.  Add Onion and Garlic, sweat for about a minute.  Add Montana Mex Chile Seasoning, cumin seed, thyme & oregano and stir all ingredients well while cooking for an additional minute (in this step you would add in any additional ingredients such as shrimp, mushrooms, peas, raisins that you fancy) .  Add all of the rice and stir for a minute.  Add half of the broth and increase heat to high.  When nearly all of the liquid has evaporated add the remaining half of liquid, lower heat to low flame and place a lid on the pan.  Cook for approx 20 minutes.  Remove from heat and fluff rice with a fork before serving.  Enjoy!

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