hello!  we're stoked that you decided to #avogo :)

for a chance to win Montana Mex Goodies simply snap a photo using your avocado oil and the food you made - then upload to any Montana Mex social media platform with #avogo

here are the steps:

step 1) make something delicious with your avocado oil!

step 2) set up a cute little scene showing what you made and your avocado oil bottle...

step 3) take a quick photo!

step 4) enjoy your delicious food...

step 5) now you're full and happy after your epic food, leap on to social media and tag @montanamex and #avogo :)

Montana Mex Facebook: www.facebook.com/montanamex

Montana Mex Instagram: @montanamex

Montana Mex Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/montanamex

step 6) sit back and relax - hopefully you will be randomly selected by the Montana Mex team to be the winner of Montana Mex goodies!!!  we will be selecting two winners every month... increase your chances and upload multiple photos per month!

happy eating and good luck ;)